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Bygone scones

Tuatara scones by Nick Holmes, from scone day sometime in 2009! Henry and Mildred tasted pretty good, fresh out of the oven with apricot jam.

Happy New Year everyone!

I know I am a bit late on the uptake. Continuing with that theme, here is a long forgotten photo of scones made by our awesome classmates back in 2009 when Love In Cold Blood was hatching. They were pretty inspirational scones!

This year, Jane and I are continuing our -dare I say it- careers! Jane is at Natural History New Zealand, and I have found work on the other side of the planet, at Nautilus film in Germany, from April. The student filmmaking experience has come to an end, unfortunately, but (insert cheesy clichée about new beginnings here, as I’m lacking in inspirational things to end with!).

Here’s to friendships, scones, and inspiration in 2011.


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