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Our very own Tour of Southland continued yesterday, as we migrated north from Invercargill to show Love in Cold Blood at the Department of Conservation HQ in Te Anau.

What did we just say about Southlandic generosity?? The lovely Caroline Carter and her colleagues went to every effort to make sure our film would look right through their projector, then brought in the entire Mararoa school to watch it at an afternoon screening. We’ve never shown it to an audience this young (!) before but it went down well. Giggles appeared in completely different places to where the adults usually laugh…  the Q & A session was also memorable. My favourite question was “do they stick?”. Meaning of course, can tuatara stick to walls like frogs do?

Of course Lindsay was there too, answering dozens of questions, along with a beautiful (and as yet unnamed) Sphenodon guntheri tuatara. These are greener, spottier and rarer than the more common S. punctatus species, which is what Henry and Mildred are. So this was a real treat, and everyone was very excited to be allowed to touch it briefly. The wide eyes of the kids reminded me of one of the reasons I liked the idea of making a tuatara film in the first place- I had this same experience as a teenager, and thought tuatara were just plain awesome, end of story!

DoC Te Anau also treated us to a free screening of Atawhenua – Shadowlands in Te Anau’s custom-built cinema. Fiordland is very epic, for want of better words.

Our evening LICB screening was also fantastic and we met many inspiring and like-minded people. I am pretty sure this is the fun part of filmmaking (though doing twenty plus takes of an attempted weta predation sequence is fun too…)! So, a big thanks to DoC Te Anau for making us feel so special and making our journey superlatively worth it.


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The Southland Times proudly put us all on the front page on Friday, the day after the Southland Museum premiere. Henry of course stole the show in his bow-tie. One question remained… where was Mildred? (shhh… insider information… quietly resting up, as she once again has precious cargo on board!)

We had a great night and would like to thank the Friends of the Southland Museum for putting on such a magnificent evening. Also thanks to all the guests and stars of our film who showed up- it was fantastic to see the museum staff, our narrator, the vet, the mayor, the owner of the backpackers, and many more friends again!

Almost one year after we finished filming, the famed generosity of the Southlanders blew us away like it always does. Free accommodation, red carpet, refreshments free of charge, and they even printed us a pamphlet… we could get used to this!!

Southland Museum is now selling Love in Cold Blood, RRP $25.

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If you’re in Southland tomorrow night… cancel all the plans and throw out the schedule!!

Love in Cold Blood will be premiering at the Southland Museum and Art Gallery at 6.30pm and 7pm Thursday 29th July. The second viewing is all sold out but there’s still tickets for the 6.30 screening. Red carpet and drinks are included!

So give the museum a call and snap up the last tickets. It should be a great night with lots of celebration of Lindsay’s great work at the museum.

See you there!

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For anyone wanting to watch Love in Cold Blood read on!

We’re going to have some dinky DVD copies available for sale through this blog, just leave us a comment to let us know if you’d like one. They’ll be ready in about a fortnight’s time, for the bargain price of $15.

For those less fussy with the quality of what you watch, you can also see the film in very low resolution on vimeo. Again just leave us a comment and we’ll get back to you with the password that lets you watch.

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