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LICB at Reel Earth

Thanks Palmerston North and Reel Earth!

On Friday the Manawatu Standard featured something which made us a little nervous…


And on Saturday we finished the evening thoroughly stoked!!

Carla, Jane, Lindsay Hazley at Reel Earth in Palmerston North


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Reel Earth

Six months after our film “hatched”, Jane and I are proud to announce that Love in Cold Blood has made it to a film festival: The Reel Earth Environmental Film Festival.

In case you need a reminder of what the fuss is about, we have kindly reproduced (borrowed) what Reel Earth kindly wrote for us, the elusive kickass synopsis:

New Zealand film makers Carla Braun-Elwert and Jane Adcroft tell an enchanting love story as they bring to life the slow courtship of Mildred and Henry, two elderly tuatara in Invercargill’s Southland Museum. And when we say slow courtship, we mean it: they’ve finally decided to mate at the ripe young ages of 80 and 111 years. It’s an event forty years in the making, but their partnership means a lot, not just for the passionately dedicated people who care for these rare animals, but for the very survival of this rare, iconic species still sailing aboard ‘Moa’s Ark’.

We are also thrilled that it seems to have pleased the jury: it is nominated for two awards, Best Short Film and Best New Zealand Film. May 22 in Palmerston North may be a day of nice surprises!

2010 Reel Earth Festival Screenings

The video is also now watchable online at vimeo.

Please leave a message on this post and we will get back to you with a password if you are keen to watch it.

And… in keeping up with the wired world, we also have a facebook page.

And one more exciting item of news… on 10 May on the Good Morning Show on TV1, rumour has it there will be an item about Reel Earth, and a segment of Love in Cold Blood is to appear. If there’s an excited noise to be made, we are making it.

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