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Lindsay the Legend

Mount Nicholas by Lindsay Hazley

Mount Nicholas by Lindsay Hazley

Photograph courtesy of ODT

Henry the Tuatara, held by Lindsay Hazley (Photograph courtesy of NZPA)

Lindsay Hazley is pretty much our story. We haven’t really mentioned him until now, not because he isn’t important- but because he is so important to our movie that we haven’t been sure how to write about him in a brief little blog post!

Where shall we start… of all the piles of people who’ve helped us make this film, we have taken up more of Lindsay’s time than anyone else’s. The fact we were allowed to do this is remarkable, considering he is also the busiest person involved in the film! He looks after eighty tuatara, runs guided tuatara tours, manages an extensive photo archive, is an exhibiting artist, kicks butt at badminton tournaments …oh and did I mention he is the curator of Southland Museum?  Every time we rang him, we’d get a keenly obliging response, even on our 5th (!) filming trip to Invercargill.

We are now busily cutting up his interviews and reliving all those trips, not to mention the thirty-five years of tuatara tales he has filed away in his brain.

So here’s to Lindsay!

“That man deserves a DB”


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