Music by Matt Caradus


Is your one-stop shop for all your epic composing needs! We’ll never forget the work he did on Love in Cold Blood… surely it’s one of the reasons it has done so well. Oh and… did I mention we gave him about a week to do this work??!

Thanks again Matt and good luck in all your future projects.

Jane and Carla


Love in Cold Blood loves on! Two years after its premiere, the film has been picked up by SRF (Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen) aka Swiss TV. It is screening on 22.03.12  at 20:05 on Netz Natur, alongside a film about nautilus. (Note: a different nautilus to the Nautilus I work for!).

For more details please visit:


IWFF Missoula


Love In Cold Blood continues to surprise us with the attention it receives. I should rephrase that: Lindsay Hazley and his tuataras’ tales continue to prove to the world that storytelling conquers all! The jury at the International Wildlife Film Festival in Missoula definitely gave their seal of approval, awarding us with Best Newcomer (here we are on page 3): http://www.wildlifefilms.org/documents/2011%20IWFF%20Award%20Winners.pdf

Thanks guys!


Last week we received a nice surprise in our email inboxes 🙂

“Wild Talk Africa takes great pleasure in informing you that the international jury of Wild Talk Africa has selected your film “ Love in Cold Blood“ as a finalist in the Roscar awards category for Best Newcomer Award.

Your film will now go into the final round of judging and the winners will be announced at the prestigious ROSCAR awards ceremony at Wild Talk Africa on 30th March 2011. The festival runs from 28th – 31st March at the beautiful Spier Wine Estate just outside of Cape Town. As a Roscar finalist we encourage you to attend the festival to represent your film…”


It’s a shame we will have to forego this one… as it is far away and happening very soon and in the middle of work commitments. We would have loved to do the trip justice too, by having some extra time to SEE stuff in Africa… (and that is not going to happen for a while financially). But this doesn’t stop us from really really wanting to go!


Bygone scones

Tuatara scones by Nick Holmes, from scone day sometime in 2009! Henry and Mildred tasted pretty good, fresh out of the oven with apricot jam.

Happy New Year everyone!

I know I am a bit late on the uptake. Continuing with that theme, here is a long forgotten photo of scones made by our awesome classmates back in 2009 when Love In Cold Blood was hatching. They were pretty inspirational scones!

This year, Jane and I are continuing our -dare I say it- careers! Jane is at Natural History New Zealand, and I have found work on the other side of the planet, at Nautilus film in Germany, from April. The student filmmaking experience has come to an end, unfortunately, but (insert cheesy clichée about new beginnings here, as I’m lacking in inspirational things to end with!).

Here’s to friendships, scones, and inspiration in 2011.

Kära gamla ödlor

Love in Cold Blood is on Swedish TV at 7pm on Xmas Eve!!

De levde ihop i många år utan att något hände. Men plötsligt började Henry, 111, uppvakta Mildred, 80, intensivt. Och hon tycktes road. Nya Zeeland höll andan. Skulle de gamla ödlorna bli föräldrar på gamla dar?